If you are interested in becoming a vendor on our fairgrounds, please complete and mail the application to the Deerfield Fair Association, PO Box 156, Deerfield, NH 03037 or email it to

As space becomes available, the Superintendent of Concessions will review applications.

We are always looking for NEW, EXCITING and DIFFERENT kinds of vendors who offer something “unique” to our fair.


Concessions Department

PHONE: (603) 463-3064

2024 Vendor Letter – Please read before filling out application.


Guns, knives, tasers, pornographic material, offensive material, dangerous or unsafe items, projectiles, sling shots, lasers, stink bombs, party poppers, silly string, string snaps, and nuisance items. It is at the discretion of the Concessions Department to prohibit any other items deemed inappropriate. If you have doubts about your product, feel free to reach out to the Concessions Department.
Please do not send money with application. Submitting an application does not guarantee a vendor spot. The Concessions Office will call or email and discuss a potential contract if the space becomes available. If both parties are in agreement a contract will be mailed to you. Due to the fact that the Concessions Office receives hundreds of applications, we are not able to accommodate everyone who applies.

Outside space is rented in 10 foot increments unless otherwise noted. (Linear footage not square footage).

Inside spaces are rented in 5 foot increments unless otherwise noted.

  • Outside/Non-Food: $30.00 per linear foot
  • Inside Space (Concessions 1, 2 or 3): $35.00 per linear foot
  • Working Crafts Building: $15.00 per linear foot
  • Food Concessions in all areas: $40.00 per linear foot
  • Commercial Agricultural Buildings 1 and 2: $20.00 per linear foot outside walls
  • $25.00 per linear foot center aisle but measured on one side only
  • $35.00 per linear foot if considered commercial but not agricultural
  • Sheep Barn: $10.00 a linear foot
  • Sheep Barn Field (AG, Industrial) $6.00 a linear foot

All concessions will be charged for any and every connection to electricity. The pay rate for each connection for the total four days is as follows:?

  • 20 Amp 120V @ $65.00 30 Amp 120V @ $75.00
  • 30 Amp 208V @ $150.00 50 Amp 208V @ $225.00

The use of generators is prohibited & all vendors with permanent buildings will be required to install, at vendor’s own expense, an electrical “quick disconnect” no later than opening day of the Deerfield Fair.


All Concessionaires/Vendors must provide the Deerfield Fair Association with a Certificate of Insurance with limits of $1,000,000.00 combined single limits, to include product liability AND must name the Deerfield Fair Association as an additional insured. No booth will be allowed to set up or open without insurance coverage.


Vendors will be provided eight (8) one-day admittance passes per monetary contract. Additional passes are available to Vendors from the Admissions Office at a discounted rate of $10.00 per one-day pass. To obtain additional passes you must ask the Concessions Office for a Pass Voucher and bring that with you to the Administration Office. (Discounted tickets for vendors will not be available at the gate).


Vendors will be provided one (1) E pass per contract. This pass allows a vehicle on the grounds strictly for loading and unloading. All vehicles must be off the grounds prior to the start of the Fair at 8:00am and will not be allowed on until the close of the fair. UPS or FedEx will drop off boxes at the Administration Office and it is up to the vendor to retrieve your packages. The Deerfield Fair will not be responsible for any lost or missing packages.


A campground is set aside for vendors (and the public) outside the fence of the fairgrounds. Cost is $40.00 per night with water and electricity; $20.00 per night for dry camping. Vendors may camp inside the fairgrounds during the fair for $1,500.00. Deerfield Fair contracts with a septic service that will service your unit as well as an RV repair service for any other RV emergencies. Please see Forms and Information.